Ali Raza

Went above and beyond his JD with exceptional performance in the batch, supported the temp. trainer to the best of his abilities, a team player who has always been available to support the team members, with a can-do attitude. Ali is known as: Star Performance

Taha Ali

“Going the extra mile”, again and again, and again is what Taha has proved to be great at! No matter how challenging things went, he stood by the team and faced them with a smile. Kudos on not only being extremely flexible, but also showing the best of your multi-tasking abilities. Taha is known as: Amazing

Shiraz Saleem

An ambitious and quality performer. He has been nominated EOM on account of his exceptional performance in all KPIs. He is also known as 4G LTE expert. He has also conducted sessions on 4G LTE related modules with new CSE’s. He keeps his full focus on calls and always go extra mile to deliver the best to his customers. Shiraz is known as: Quality Performer

Sikandar Ali – Telenor

Sikandar is one excellent team member we have. Sikandar has exhibited exceptional skills and supported us a lot through his performance. Good job Sikandar! Sikandar is known as: Self Motivated

Daniyal Saeed – Telenor

He is a keen performer and proven himself as an asset by achieving excellent scores in all KPIs. Great show on all fronts! Daniyal is known as: Self Motivated

Maira M. Siddique – Telenor

She is ambitious towards her aim and through consistent performance she secure the title of EOM again Maira you have done superb job. Maira is known as: Self Motivated

Mohsin Aziz – AT&T

Mohsin has been a good find & tough competitor to the tenured CSE’s in the program. He’s been dependable alongside his excellent QA scores. Considering his overall tenure, he’s shown tremendous progress in getting top sales numbers in November with 0 Cancellations, achieving top SPH & NSR too. Mohin is known as: Resistant & Confident

Aisha Naz – Square Trade

Aisha is an extremely focused individual and her calls are a clear reflection of her dedication to work. The client had nothing but praises for her remarkable soft skills which makes us all proud! Aisha is known as: Mobile Specialist

Rodney Rodrigues – Square Trade

Great product knowledge, zest to help his peers and always putting that little extra to add value, defines Rodney. His commendable flexibility to make sure tasks are completed on time is exemplary and we all think he is awesome! Rodney is known as: Computer Specialist

Sikander Nazar – Compliance

Sikander’s been the star of Compliance Karachi team in Q3 2015. Going beyond the call of duty to execute surprise audits, managing new team and stakeholders and elevated the sense of satisfaction and reliability for compliance department in Domestic and International Operations. Sikander is known as: Always prepared and always reliable!

Maira Mohammad Siddique

She won this title in a very short time of span after coming on floor due to her smart work. Keep up the good work.

Shahzad Hussain

So After a break of 1 month only, he is back to his top spot. Great show on all fronts!

Salahuddin Tufail

A consistent top performer and a highly motivated individual. His excellent customer satisfaction score is a testimony to his hard work and commitment. A very dependable specialist for whom sky is the limit!

Khizra Harram

A customer obsessed enthusiast who strives to provide positive experience to every customer she speaks to. Her excellent work ethics and willingness to help her ppers with a positive attitude makes her an asset to the team.

Muhammad Saad

Saad has been with the program for not very long and during this short span of time he has generated extraordinary numbers by selling most wireless products. Apart from accomplishing his own targets, he has been a good support to fellow agents as well in terms of sales tactics which benefit his peers too.

Murtaza Amir Khan

Never say NO attitude would define Amir’s overall performance. He has redefined the very meaning of “Extra Mile” he doesn’t only ensures to complete the assigned tasks before time but also tries to help out the team members in their issues & concerns.

Abdul Moeed

He is a consistent top performer since his joining, an active participant & a great team player. As a Point Person he has always been helping team members to perform better, especially the new inductees in his team.

Hammad Ismail

He is a Senior Supervisor of WARID Team. He has taken his team’s performance to the victory by achieving TOP TEAM title for consecutive TWO months. He kept his team motivated & willing to perform with his creative & unique ideas. He has also initiated RONAQ e RAMADAN activity and has been facilitating whole floor with Chilled Rooh Afza during Aftar Time.

Usman Ahmed

Usman Ahmed has proved himself as an integral part of the team, in short span of time he developed himself as a competent WFM resource.

Asmelia Grace

Asmelia has shown great performance in the first month of program. She has merged herself smartly in inbound dynamics which were totally new for her. Amelia has exceeded expectations in major KPIs and we are proud to have her in our team!