Think-Pink is a breast cancer campaign that aims to improve the lives of breast cancer patients and their families. They do this by providing information, raising awareness, funding research, and funding care.
For years, October and the color pink have signified Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The familiar pink ribbon stands for prevention, detection, treatment and, reflecting the symbol's mission, the spread of awareness. From consistent monitoring to lifestyle changes, there are many ways to prevent breast cancer or catch it in its earliest stages – when success rates are higher.

To support the breast cancer awareness campaign, League of Extra Ordinary Women (LEW), an ibex women’s network for professional growth and engagement, joined together with business teams to Wear it Pink. They launched breast cancer awareness sessions across the organization with the objective of building awareness among both women and men in the workplace. To support the cause, not only females, but male employees also wore the pink ribbons on their arms, showing solidarity with the cause.

Doctors from various hospitals, who had worked in the field of cancer, were invited to educate females about awareness, symptoms, self-testing for early detection, and support systems. The sessions were very interactive and participants were encouraged to ask questions to improve their knowledge, as well as to share any experiences they had faced among their families or friends. At the end of the event, each guest speaker was presented with a shield as a token of appreciation.

The key takeaway from these sessions was that, whatever you choose to do concerning breast cancer, your efforts can make a difference. Many people have been touched by breast cancer, either personally or by watching loved ones confront the disease. Increasing awareness about issues such as prevention, early detection, research and support, can help to brighten the future of many families throughout the world.

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