Imagine coming to office one morning and your desktop and headgear are missing. What will you do?
You will panic and will call Admin, Service desk and compliance to investigate into the matter and to ensure it does not happen again.

Employees are an essential part of an organization without which the company cannot function, even if it has the clients it cannot provide the deliverables if there is no one to work; making it imperative to focus on employees’ happiness and well-being more than anything to build committed teams.

Every employee has different drivers which can motivate him/her but it is important to provide a platform where employees can comfortably express their views without any hesitation.

Our HRBP team thought of a way to cater to it by launching regular HR Clinics, to investigate any concerns and provide a favorable working environment.

HR Clinic platform is designed especially for Contact Center employees in Pakistan to express their views, raise concerns and provide suggestions to improve the working environment.

Like a doctor who examines the patients likewise the HRBP team does group and individual sessions of the employees to examine any concerns they have and best cater to their needs in the organization.

Within a month four Clinics have been conducted in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad which revolved around the following:

  • How to have a healthy relation with a supervisor?
  • Providing guidance about task Management.
  • How to maintain the Work-Life Balance?
  • Addressing the queries and concerns related to “Career Growth”.
  • Discussing new ideas about the betterment of work place
  • Getting feedback about Management, Work Environment & Safety
  • Focusing on Work Process Orientation and increasing Employee Self Esteem & Motivation.

After the sessions, the concerns and feedback were shared with the relevant stakeholders and management to resolve them.

The team received an over-whelming response from the employees and management to bring the difference and plans to have regular sessions in the organization to build a positive culture.

“We cannot change what we are not aware of, and once we are aware, we cannot help but change”- Sheryl Sandberg

Contributed By:
Noor Ul Huda
HR Business Leader

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